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Vedic Wisdom Festival


If God is caring or a symbol of karma, why are we told that we would be punished sometimes/severely punished?


Once I am happy, should I meditate?


Millions of Gods, lots of mantras and pujas, however, no uniformity in the worship. Common person is confused. What to follow? Please guide.


In the name of Abhishekam to the deity especially during the pradosham time all over India lot of milk and honey have been used and all of it goes to the drain. Can we not use a small amount to do the abhishekam and use the rest to give to the needy or poor?


Vedanta will let us know, “who am I?” If we know this then still we have to know the law of nature knowing which we can live in harmony with nature and without disturbing others. How is this possible in this small span of life? Shall we take sanyasa.


The speaker Neemaji spoke about thoughts and creativity being enhanced with the study of Vedanta. Please comment.


Can my thought influence the way the universe works


How does a person with mental illness practise Vedanta?


What are the qualities that help to construct a proactive solution or a fruitful approach to swadharma?


Other religions namely Christianity and Islam, propagate that our stories are all mythology and it actually didn’t happen. How true or false is this statement?


How old is our civilisation and how many yugas have gone by?


Transcendence in a nutshell?


Explain Bliss versus have?


Does materialism lead to asceticism?


Is Ananda beyond any “ism”, any belief whatsoever?


If Brahma came from Vishnu, Shiva came from Vishnu. Then from where did Vishnu come?


Many people don’t like good advice given to them. They don’t like Vedanta principles also. Whenever Sadhaka practises Vedanta principles they get irritated and object. They are not tolerant of spiritual people. Why so in that respect it is better to keep away from them?


How do we understand our Dharma, swadharma?


How safe is Hinduism in today’s world and in our Bharat because looking at the rate at which non Hindu religions are moving ahead at great speed with the conversion into their respective religions from Hinduism, so what is being done in such situation in or country to save Hinduism? Stop conversions?


Over a period of time we seem to have a lost on a great deal of knowledge which has been with us in the past. How do we make up for what has been lost? For the future generations? Our worst hurdles and hindrances are from our own people. We spoke about getting kids started. How do we get parents started as well the ones who are unaware?


How much of free will does a human being have on earth and it’s relation to karma?


Do we have free will at all?


Or is it completely controlled by previous Karma?


How do Hindu symbols help us in evolving? Swastika,Om, Trishul etc


What is the connection between chakras and beej mantras?


Do deities and their stories really exist or were they created by Rishis for symbolism only or for the sake of explaining the Hindu philosophy to the masses?


When did Hinduism come into existence and by whom? 2.9 Is it by Brahman at the time of creation


Is it by Brahman at the time of creation


Is it by great rishis in Satya yuga


Is it by Sri Rama in Treta Yuga


Is it by Krishna in dvapara yuga


Or by someone in Kali Yuga?


Why do genius/scriptures say it is all Maya? ( pls share scientific and religious interpretations)


In moments of sorrow/sadness, how does one feel secure while feeling insecure? How does one feel emotionally secure?


If you do adharmic karma, who decides it? Isvara is surely not sitting and judging us. Stealing is wrong but what about the poor son who steals medicine for his dying mother as a last resort?


How do we tackle the problem of increased ritualism harming basics of Hinduism?


We are again in 700 AD where Mandala Mishra and Adi Shankaracharya had debated on Karmakand vs Jnyanakand. What is the way out?


How do jivas survive in other Loka’s because as they say - devas and pitruhs are dependent on human offerings? In what form do they exist in other lokas?


If one wishes that after their death, Shraadha should not be performed for them; is it mandatory? I would wish for people to donate for hospitals education etc for under privileged in my behalf instead


If I do this, will I still get punya in my after life?.